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There's eventually no place like home 12.06.2014
Our last day in Paris 12.06.2014
Storm clouds brewing over Paris 12.06.2014
A tale of one city - Paris 10.06.2014
From the Loire to Paris 08.06.2014
Hot day in the Loire 07.06.2014
Hanging around Amboise 06.06.2014
Rainy day in the Loire 05.06.2014
Beautiful chateaux in the Loire 04.06.2014
Exploring the Loire 03.06.2014
Le Chateau Royal d'Amboise 02.06.2014
On to the Loire Valley 01.06.2014
Bordeaux or Bust 31.05.2014
Les Belle Villages de France 29.05.2014
Another journey underground 28.05.2014
Sunny day in the Dordogne means road trip. 28.05.2014
Rainy day in the Dordogne 27.05.2014
Visiting Brantome and le Chateau de Hautefort 26.05.2014
Market day in Sarlat 26.05.2014
Along the Vezere River Valley 24.05.2014
A day of fascinating finds 23.05.2014
A day to relax 22.05.2014
Most beautiful villages in France 20.05.2014
Sights to see and plenty of sun. 19.05.2014
Beautiful Sunday in Turenne 18.05.2014
Off to the Dordogne - Correze to be exact 18.05.2014
Enjoying our second day in Paris 17.05.2014
First day in France 17.05.2014
A blip to start the trip 17.05.2014
France 2014 - Dordogne, Loire & Paris 07.05.2014